Adomas Gančierius, ATVs are my LIFE!

Hello Adomas. Please tell us who you are and what are you doing for living?Hello all the readers, now I‘m 21 year old. Talking about my job needless to mention that I‘m working at one of the biggest ATV‘s and accessories shop in Lithuania.

OK, so you see atvs every day and work is like hobby?
Actually when I was younger I have dreamed about job related with ATV‘s, because it was my favourite hobby.
Now I can say, that dreams come true and Im working with that everyday.
This activity leads me to success and I‘m very happy that I have opportunity to be the part of big ATV‘s family.

When you first time ride atv? And do you remember brand as well?
I guess that I had my first ride when I was 10. My dad have bought his first ATV and the brand was Honda Foreman 450. I remember that day, because after that all my family started to love this activity. Then we have bought the second and later third ATV‘s: Suzuki KQ and Honda Foreman 450.
Interesting fact, that all these ATV‘s were different colours: yellow, green, red – just like colours in our national flag.

So practically you have seen ATV‘s all your life?
I can say- yes, because I remember my childhood: mother and father were riding with ATV‘s in their freetime. What‘s more? We found new way of holidays- travelling with quads. And now I cannot imagine my life without that.

So practically your family is real atv family?
My dad is one of the main members of Lithuania ATV‘s community, he‘s organizing lot of events, like quads tours, trips around all the country.
Talking about my mother, she‘s very good at driving ATV‘s, also have travelled around Baltic countries (2996km). As well she got other trips like: around Lithuania (1950km); around Latvia (2000km).

Racing with ATV‘s have been very popular in Lithuania, when you started your career in atv racing?
Actually, racing with ATV‘s was more popular 6 years ago, after that this sport had like a break from all the races. But now races popularity are growing again. I have started my career when I was sixteen also I had my first competition- it was mud race.

Is that normal age in Lithuania?
No, I was the youngest guy in these competition, I guess the main reason- because we all know that ATV sport isn‘t cheap as well, so lot of youngsters cannot afford it. Also I am very grateful for my parents for the chance to be there.

What atvs you have had in your life? How many and what brands?
So, let‘s start from the first one- Honda Foreman 450 (green colour), after that I had Suzuki KQ 700 (yellow). Needless to mention, that I have tried lot of ATV brands such as: Can-am; Polaris; Yamaha. But most of my career I spent with Honda Rincon 680.

This previous year then, which races you took part of?
Firstly, I love Enduro type of races and I was competing at Night rally last year. About this competition- it was 200km of orienteering part and two special tracks.
Another one- Winter rally, from 30 participant I was finished at second place.
In the spring I was competing at hardest ATV/SSV races Hunt The Wolf with CFMOTO Z8 side by side.
Okay, the last one- Enduro rally, there was about 19 teams and we finished at 7‘th place. About that rally: good atmosphere, nice weather and lot of different ATV‘s models.

How about next Hunt the wolf?
After previous Hunt the wolf I knew, that I have to come back there with new goals. So, this year my ambition is to reach top 10 in crossover group.
I hope that my team will be ready for everything, because it‘s one of the hardest races at all. Also if I want to be the best I have to concentrate on patience, navigation skills, unhoped situations.

You are very young active man, do you have time for other hobbies at all?
Of course i have time for my other hobbies, such as cycling- I like to travel with bike around my country and visit interesting places. Also I love basketball, in Lithuania it‘s like our second religion. When I have free time I‘m trying to join my friends time and play with them.

Who are your supporters? You must have few at least
My main supporter- Motorider and especially my boss Valdas Radvilavičius, from him i got Polaris Sportsman XP1000 2017 as a racing ATV and he believes that I can reach my goals. The second one- Iron Baltic company from Estonia.
Now I‘m dealing with ITP Tires for new tires and wheels.
Also I‘m always looking for other supporters, who will be the part of my team.

So what are next years plans? How many races you are planning to drive and where?
My plans for next years: winter race on ice; Hunt the Wolf; Enduro rally (2 stages); Enduro sprint (4 stages); Races around Lithuania (2000km).
Also I‘m thinking about Can-am trophy competition in Latvia.
Also my next season consist not only of races, but futhermore of trainings and ATV tours.

Thanks Adomas and we here in IRON BALTIC wish good luck for you and we follow your ATV life.

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Best Regards
Jarkko Kettula /  Iron Baltic OÜ


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